a rose is a rose is a name

Welcome to my collection of recipes, words, tea cups, and dresser drawers - a collection rooted in mixing the elegant with the ridiculous, the obvious with the hidden - a collection that I hope will inspire.

person: I am barely tall enough to reach the wine glasses on the top shelf. However, years of bending and stretching in ballet classes taught me how to properly stand on my toes. I sleep with books under my pillow and wear lingerie at inappropriate occasions. I consider the kitchen to be the most important room in a home. This is why I like to decorate mine with deer stickers, cardboard cut-out trees, maps of cities, and empty bottles.

place: A one bedroom apartment in West Kreuzberg. A month ago I was rich and in Copenhagen. Now I am poor and in Berlin. However, this gives me enough time to make granola with maple syrup, an ode to my native land, and become an expert in German beer, both of which conveniently do not require wine glasses from the top shelf.

thing: A thing or things, singular or plural, a sentence will not do. This documentation of inspiration does not intend to be tidy. Besides, fragments are exciting because they require much more from the eye. A list - a grocery list, a wish list, a to-do lists, a reading list - is often suggestive enough.

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