from apartment to apartment

I have started a collection of apartments.

These apartments come in different sizes and different neighbourhoods. They come in different colours and on different floors. However, they have all been home to fabric birds, paper trees, and flea market books.

I wouldn't mind for this collection to be small, but it isn't. Once again it is Friday, meaning we have until Wednesday to find a new roof to put over our heads, preferably one with charm and a shower that is not in the kitchen.

But, at this point, I would be happy with just a roof.

Luckily, the one thing Berlin is rich in is apartments. Big apartments, small apartments, run-down apartments, chic apartments, Berlin's got them all, even on a few day's notice. From Kreuzberg to Treptow, I am once again on the move.


why i love germany:



new roads to old places

I spent a year cycling in rain, wind, and sun through Copenhagen's well designed streets. My bike became equal to my freedom. Minus the vengeful Nordic wind, my bike was the ideal way to get from point a to point b. Despite the practicality of the geography, the flat roads left something to be desired. I missed the curves of the ground. I missed how pavement is bent to reflect them. The flatness in combination with the street lines began to hurt my eyes. Before Copenhagen I had lived in a city built around a green mountain. It was a bit of a switch, a positive one for the legs and a negative one for the eyes. However, on our drive from Copenhagen to Berlin we discovered that Denmark is not that flat afterall.

In fact, we discovered that the Danish country side provides plenty beyond straight lines for the eye.

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