o' cardboard tree, o' cardboard tree,

your leaves are so industrial.

When we were subletting, the apartment was overruled by white walls and cardboard boxes. The previous tenant was in between cities, in between moves and, therefore, left us with a small mountain of cardboard boxes. After being surrounded by their company each time I were to lie on the couch or eat at the table, I decided to steal one.

I kidnapped one of the cardboard boxes in an effort to transform it into something less dire to look at. After all, nothing says temporary like a pile of boxes, a poster of a naked woman, and masking tape.

I was inspired by
Scandinavia's latest love child, the silhouette of a tree. Trees have been showing up in design from hooks to wallpaper to bed sheets. This muse with leaves isn't restricted to Scandinavia though. Lola and Emily, a boutique in Montreal that I would happily give all of my money to if I had some in exchange for pretty dresses and mens styled dress shirts, used trees as a starting point for decoration. The store is designed to hide the fact that it is a store. It is modeled after a shared apartment of two women, Lola and Emily, both with unique senses of style. This translates into a boutique that uses beds and wardrobes instead of clothing racks. The decorations change and at one point one of the beds wore a white bed spread dressed in the black silhouette of a tree. Flanking the bed were tall wood carvings of more tree silhouettes.

With cardboard instead of wood and scissors instead of a saw, I set out to craft my own tree silhouette. Last month it kept the kitchen table company. Now that we have no kitchen table, it hangs out next to the bed.

The cardboard boxes and any obvious traces of the previous tenant have been packed into a rental van and moved to
Hamburg. The cardboard tree is what is left, a nice wall hanging of sorts that links how the apartment was to how it now is.

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