breakfast of champions

I am a breakfast baby. Try to talk to me before my body and mind have the company of a cup of coffee or tea, and sometimes both, or a handful of food and be warned; my ability to understand will be reduced to listening to music on mute.

Like with all meals, my cravings vary from season to season, and from market to market. And like with most other things, the small change that is hanging out in my wallet. This adds up to a collection of favourite breakfasts over time.

As a kid, it was 'Just Right,' a healthy cereal - anything that had both the words cereal and sugar were strictly forbidden in my mom's kitchen - that I would crave enough to eat it bowl by bowl through the day.

As a teenager, I quickly became a fan of the breakfast in hand concept. Muffins, pastries, granola bars, anything that could be eaten on a streetcar was of preference.

Since then I have learned better to manage my time - or at least to sacrifice being on time for eating a good breakfast - which means that my breakfasts have turned from snacks to meals.

First it was rolled Irish oats with slivered almonds and milk. Then it was weekend - and when I could manage weekday - frittatas with guacamole and black bean dip. Then I started studying in Denmark, which means that I often had enough time to eat breakfast all morning (and sometimes afternoon), which I often did. Round one was some toast with cheese and jam. Round two was a poached egg on toasted dark bread, mixed greens, avocado, sea salt, and a drop of sesame oil.

This lasted until I moved to Berlin and discovered quinoa. Nicknamed "the strength of the Incas" this little grain wakes me up most morning. The World's Healthiest Foods praises it for being a source of protein, for its nutritional value, for looking like a grain, but actually being related to Swiss Chard and Spinach, and for its versatility. I praise it for its nutty taste, its interesting texture (much lighter than oatmeal), and how easy it is to cook. A little quinoa, a little salt, a little water, a short shower and voila, pret a manger.

You can really add anything to quinoa. My breakfast of champions is quiona with some fruit, nuts, maple syrup, and milk.

So if you see me early mornings before I have eaten, offer me some quiona with banana, sliced almonds or pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, maple syrup and milk, and I promise to give you my best attention.

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