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I am a distraction junkie. This is perhaps why I keep my walls a close cousin to white minimalism, but still scatter about small distractions for the eye. This is also perhaps why I take my time in writing about past, present, and future distractions.

A few months in and my apartment is becoming a shrine to all that is small and distracting. Strips of photo booth pictures crawl up bookshelves, fabric birds sing in vintage bird cages, and an old coffee sack drapes itself across the wall. However, my favourite visual distraction, thus far, is skinny and wide and comes in the form of a border, but in the colours of Tuscany.

One of my fall flea market adventures led me to a market of local Berlin designers. Taking advantage of Berlin fashion week and a city wide sudden intense attention to the detail, the crafty and the artistic Berliners were taking to the street. This is when I first truly fell in love with Tuscany. It wasn't when I was studying philosophy in Sienna, or tasting wine in the country side, but when I realized that I could hang Tuscany up in my very own kitchen. The landscape never meant as much to me as when I realized that it could be a scarecrow to the greys of a Northern European winter.

Extratapete is a Berlin powerhouse for all that is beautiful, distracting, and sticks onto walls. With wallpaper, panoramic borders, and the possibility of custom designs, my walls have never before been so wonderfully distracting.

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