where do you keep your letters?

A recent letter from a friend and artist in Halifax filled my week with Polaroids, small dolls and demons for decoration, paper made from hair, and a question. One of the Polaroids gave me a key-hole glimpse of a wall collage, one composed of letters, postcards, and envelopes. Below the picture, written in thick black marker on the shiny, white frame, was the question:

"What do you do with all of the letters you get?"

Mine are wrapped up in string.

In Montreal they were wrapped up in purple ribbon. Once used as a substitute shoelace for my Docs, the ribbon was reincarnated to hold letters together.

In Berlin they are wrapped in a very thin, red and white string. A string from a stationary set that I bought at the oh-so dangerous Louisana giftshop outside of Copenhagen. Stationary that is a copy cat of the nautical maps of Nordic waters.

This red and white string connects the letters and postcards and cards from the last two years. From four addresses. From three countries.

Where do you keep your letters?

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