before leaving, after arriving

Before leaving and after arriving there is always food. I am not good at saying good-bye, but I am excellent at eating (and excellent enough at cooking) and so I bid my aufwiedersehen to Berlin with a feast. It does not make leaving or arriving any easier, but it does it make it all the more delicious and easier to swallow.

a) chunky watermelon, red onion and cucumber salad with feta and fresh mint
b) pea and parmesan dip with pine-nuts
c) blackbean salad with feta, toasted almonds and a lime-chili dressing
c) baked artichoke dip
d) chili hummus with walnuts
e) balsamic-fig chicken wings
f) olives from the Turkish Market
g) olive oil, lemon, pepper crackers
h) and a cherry peach patchwork bake

Arriving means a new kitchen.

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