Wall paper in Liberty, London dressing room.

I cannot imagine more perfect wallpaper for setting the lingerie-trying-on mood.


postcards from london


from India

I have a crush on India.

The signs are all there. The two of us are meant to be.

My step-mom recently enjoyed a whirlwind of a trip to Delhi to visit a spiritual leader who is a good friend of hers. She was invited to give two talks at the mission that her friend runs. Bound for India, her suitcase was full of Canadian gifts. Bound for home, her suitcase was full of gifts for Canadians. Packed amongst jars of honey and cotton pajamas were these two puppets (who happen to perfectly match my curtains). They are just another sign that I have to soon visit this country that I have been crushing on for so long.

I worked for a year at Nature Morte Berlin, a gallery based in New Delhi that primarily exhibits artists based in India. I know that "Indian" art (pinning a national label to describe art is a dangerous trope) may be vogue, but in vogue or not, from India or not, I was introduced to some brilliant artists.

Samaraendra Raj Singh

Aditya Pande

Seher Shah


i miss him so,

that I have started dressing like him.

Oxford Shirt

Vintage watch


love at first pee

The bathroom of the New Museum, New York.

Many contemporary artists have been inspired by bathrooms, from the functions they serve to the decor they employ. Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye, constructed a machine, the Cloaca machine, that makes shit. Reece Terris used bathroom fixtures in the construction of her 2006 architectural installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Bathrooms meet a universal function, one that is ripe for artists to comment on taboos, the human body, and social spaces.

So how clever of the New Museum, a venue devoted to cutting edge and challenging contemporary art, to bring so much decorative attention to their bathrooms. It was love at first pee.

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