the fashion of knots

From sailor shirts to boat shoes, the nautical life has made its mark on fashion. What I find most inspiring from life at sea are the ropes involved and the knots they hold.

About a dozen tall ships visited Toronto's harbour front over the Canada Day weekend. Visitors piled on, enthusiastic to walk the plank between pier and ship, and were occupied by crawling through cabins and admiring sails. I, however, was busiest admiring the ropes. Thick, thin, stained, and crystal white, all boats had gorgeously choreographed movement of ropes that inspired me to think about the fashion of knots.
Apparently, I am not the only one. Jewelery designers, such as Sabrina Dehoff and Kathryn Blackmore, are two designers inspired by sailors and the way they tie their knots.

A few months ago I picked up a nautical bracelet from Toronto boutique 'Model Citizen' in Kensington Market. The bracelet is made by Savannah Allmin, a Toronto-based designer. I can't think of a more fashionable way of wearing knots.

Silver bracelet by Liz Kingstone and sailor bracelet by Savannah Allmin.

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