lemon-rosemary halloumi skewers

What is a cottage without a delicious barbecue?
Saturday day we spent worshiping the sun. Saturday evening we spent recovering from the sun by barbecuing, drinking cider, and setting off fireworks. These lemon-rosemary halloumi skewers were stars of the barbecue. A friend made them for the first Montreal barbecue of the season back in April as a vegetarian option. I have made them several times since as a side to barbecued meats and corn.

Thank you Georgian Bay for the good times. Thank you lemon-rosemary halloumi skewers for the good eats.

Lemon-Rosemary Halloumi Skewers


1-2 packages of halloumi depending on how many skewers you are making
1 lemon
a few sprigs of fresh rosemary
skewer sticks
olive oil
fresh, seasonal veggies (delicious options include red onion, yellow and green zucchini, button mushrooms, peppers)

Marinate halloumi in lemon juice, olive oil, and rosemary. The cheese is already salty so no salt is needed. However, a little black pepper goes nicely. Halloumi can be marinated for several hours, or even over night if you like. Soak skewers for at least half an hour. Cube veggies, halloumi, and create a colourful feast by arranging them on the skewers. Barbecue until cheese is crispy on the outside and the veggies are grilled. Once grilled, pour the rest of marinade over skewers.


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