scallops and plums

The freshness of the scallops would have been reason enough to develop a crush on Canada's east coast. I ate scallops nearly as many times as I have fingers on my right hand. They were delicious. So delicious and oh-so fresh. This was also a good opportunity to become better acquainted with cooking a food I so enjoy, but so rarely find fresh.

We ate scallops on the ferry (pan-fried). We ate scallops in our motor-home (pan-fried with garlic). We ate scallops as a side to fish. And we ate them with plums. Unfortunately, a lot of menus featured deep-fried scallops. This scallop and plum ceviche from Mark Bittman I like best. It shows that it is a shame to fry scallops so fresh.

Scallop and Plum Ceviche
inspired by the Minimalist


1 pound fresh sea scallops, cut into tiny, yet still chunky pieces
2-3 plums cut into similar sized pieces
1-3 tsp. chopped fresh herbs (tarragon is suggested, but I used basil)
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice, plus a squeeze more
the zest of one lime
sea salt
pinch of cayenne pepper

Toss together scallops, plums, herbs, lime juice and zest. I like this recipe when there is about an equal amount of plums and scallops. Season with cayenne and salt and let sit at room temperature for around 15 minutes. Taste. Perhaps more lime? Perhaps more salt? Basil?


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