postcard from berlin

I have a postcard addiction.

It is true, I just cannot have enough. I am always trying to get more. This translates as always being on the hunt for unusual and beautiful postcards. The usual hunting locations include flea markets, second hand stores, museum gift-shops, and my grandparent's basement. However, my most prized postcards come from a rather unsuspected location: Schuhmacherei Sprecht.

In Kreuzberg, in Berlin, is a shoemaker. In the front of his shop is a bicycle and a small dog that usually naps in a basket. In his shop are old leather shoes that he makes look new again. There are also two racks of postcards made in Berlin in the 1980s and 90s. The first time I entered his shop I came with a pair of sad boots that needed new soles. He took one look at them and made sounds of pain, the pain that I had caused my poor boots. Feeling guilty, I let my eyes wander off and there I saw the postcards. My favourite capture just a fragment of a Berlin building plus a very, blue Berlin sky.

Berlin, ich vermisse dich.

Schuhmacherei Sprecht,
Bergmannstra├če 52

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