polenta for breakfast

Before moving to Goteborg, I had never made polenta. One morning my roommate whipped it up with an egg on top and some parmesan and it has become a regular part of my breakfast ever since. Because of its neutral flavour, I alternate between sweet breakfast polenta and savory breakfast polenta. Now that afternoons in Sweden -and often mornings- look like a black hole, I find myself tempted more and more by sweet breakfast polenta.

Polenta is all about stirring. With a little coordination making polenta becomes a chance to catch up on reading, or a chance to simply admire the moments in which the weather does not resemble a black hole. Polenta is also all about adding what you please. It is a nice change to my typical oatmeal, then quinoa then oatmeal again breakfast routine.

Breakfast Polenta


polenta (for me 1/2 cup, for me and others 1 cup)
water (4 to 1 ratio for soft polenta, 2 cups for me, 4 cups for me and others)
a pinch of sea salt

dried fruit (cranberries, dates, figs, raisins)
nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts)
fresh berries

Bring water to a boil. Slowly add the polenta and the salt, stirring all of the time. Reduce the heat slightly and keep stirring. Stir some more. Read while stirring. And then stir some more. Should take half an hour or so. Dress up polenta as you please with nuts, dried fruit, honey and fresh berries.


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