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I am a big fan of dips. I like eating food with my fingers and then dunking it into a delicious spread. Who needs a fork, a knife, or even a spoon? And I do admit that, yes, I believe in double dipping.

Sometimes though when you are eating with people who you don't know too well (or who don't believe in double dipping) it is nice to have dips without, well, the dipping. Crostini is my favourite solution. It takes no effort to make, yet it seems much more put together than a box of store-bought crackers. Eat it with everything: left-over black beans, vegetable and cheese dips, or guacamole. Throw some into a Mason jar and bring along to barbecues and picnics, or to a dinner party as a gift.

Crostini barely counts as a recipe. However, I use this blog as a form of documentation and one of my interests as of late is trying to make as much as I can from scratch (hence recipes for mayonnaise, ketchup, almond butter and lemon curd). I like making foods in my kitchen that I normally buy from a store. I like the process of reacquainting myself with their ingredients and getting to know them a bit better.

Garlic Rubbed Crostini


1 baguette
olive oil
1-2 cloves of garlic, cut in half

Preheat oven to 350F/180C. Thinly slice the baguette on the diagonal. With a pastry brush, brush each side with olive oil. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place slices on baking sheet in a single layer and bake for about 12-15 minutes. Remove from oven and rub each side with the cut garlic. Serve right away, or place in an airtight container or jar and store for several days.


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