making friends with mushrooms

I spent July making amends with lunch. That midday meal and I are finally on good terms. It took a few glass jars that transport well and a lunch break long enough to sit outside next to a fountain to really convince me of the potential of a midday meal.

Although mushrooms on toast - or mushroom bruschetta, if you wish to call it - does not pack very well for picnics or lunch breaks, I think that it makes an ideal lunch. The mushrooms are soft. With a single bite, they collapse in your mouth leaving hints of thyme and garlic. The toasted sourdough complements the mushrooms by being crisp. Eat it with a fork, or eat it with your hands and watch the mushrooms playfully fall onto the plate. Serve it with a mixed green salad and a glass of wine, or follow it with a decadent dessert. Any mushrooms will do (I used just ordinary button mushrooms), but chanterelle season is upon us. This recipe serve ones; however, if you find yourself mushroom picking with extra chanterelles to spare you will probably want to increase this recipe by a lot.

Can you believe I grew up not liking mushrooms? Sometimes a frying pan and a little oil is all one needs to change one's taste-buds.

Mushrooms on Toast


a handful or two of mushrooms (about 150 grams)
virgin olive oil
a knob of butter
2 small cloves of garlic, 1 clove cut in half and the rest of the garlic minced
sea salt
black pepper
fresh thyme
red chili flakes
a splash of balsamic vinegar
1/2 a lemon

1 slice of sourdough

Heat the olive oil and butter in a frying pan and add the mushrooms in one layer. Depending on the size of the mushrooms either leave them whole or chop them into large chunks. Sprinkle with sea salt and then let cook for a couple of minutes. Add the garlic, fresh thyme, chili flakes, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Cook until colorful and fragrant. Meanwhile, toast the bread until golden. Once the mushrooms are cooked, add the lemon juice and a generous amount of black pepper. Rub the cut side of the garlic on the toast and then top with the mushrooms. Drizzle with more olive oil or balsamic vinegar if you wish and then serve.


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