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I met Ali a year ago and when our conversation turned to food it became clear that we were going to be friends. She has a great sense of humour, a strong appreciation of Jeff Bridges and admirable taste in food.

In only a few days I will be leaving for India where I will spend the next four months. I am not sure how often I will be cooking; however, I am certain that I will be doing a lot of eating. As I, a Canadian, document eating my way through India I thought that it would be fun to invite Ali, a Brit, to share her experience eating her way through Canada. Ali has generously agreed and has come up with this fantastic recipe for grilled peaches. While the peaches are still ripe I highly recommend throwing them on the grill according to Ali's recipe. The peaches won't last long, so get to it! You will be glad that you rushed to buy and eat the last of them.

Although I have not spent much time living in Canada the past few years, Canada deeply influences my cooking. From maple syrup to aged cheddar cheese and from P.E.I. oysters to peaches and cream corn, Canada really taught me what tastes good. It taught me to respect the seasons and to eat what grows locally whenever I have the chance. It taught me that maple syrup tastes good with almost everything (even on pizza or with fried eggs) and that it is perfectly fine to always eat poutine following a night out. That said, knowing Ali's appreciation of food, I was very excited when she told me that she would be spending this autumn living and interning in Winnipeg. So here is Ali and her grilled peaches.


Canada has been kind to me. She welcomed me in with a great internship, more art opportunities than I can cram into my schedule, and a readymade home with a dog. She turned my arms golden brown and allowed me to cycle without breaking a sweat on her flat prairie lands.

Eating is undoubtedly the best thing about traveling abroad. From the incredible to the inedible, I'm fascinated by it all. Winnipeg has proved typically distracting in its efforts to tempt me to eat. From marble slab creameries (thank you, Tim Horton's), to perogie kiosks, poutineries and dessert-only restaurants; new food experiences are everywhere. Eating is even the theme of an upcoming exhibition at the gallery where I work.

I've also been happy to discover that the many Winnipeggers I meet share my enthusiasm for discussing and eating food. This includes my landlady, Lori, with whom I also share a love of trashy competitive cookery and restaurant makeover shows. She rustled up this simple dessert one balmy evening not too long ago, with peaches from a roadtrip via Kelowna, BC. It was so delicious I made it myself a few days later, cramming in the last of the summer's peaches as the air cooled and Winnipeg became Autumnpeg.

Ali and Lori's Grilled Peaches

serves one


one peach (or as many as you desire)
a good dollop of mascarpone
maple syrup
a small handful of roasted pistachios

Cut the peaches into halves and place face-down on a BBQ (or face-up under an oven grill) for approximately 5 minutes, or until warmed through (keep an eye on them if very ripe; the sugar can burn). Meanwhile, mix the mascarpone and some maple syrup to taste, and roughly chop the pistachios.

When the peaches are warmed through, assemble in serving dish, topped with the mascarpone and maple syrup mixture. Sprinkle the pistachios on top.
Later, you can lick the mascarpone mixture out of the bowl when no-one is looking.

Photos by Ali King.

Lemon  – (September 29, 2011 at 11:25 PM)  

Peaches and pistachios is a lovely combination. I recently made a cake with them.

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