teenage bedrooms

This is my sister's teenage bedroom. She just moved across Canada to Newfoundland which means that she will have new walls to decorate, although I am not sure if she would still want to paint them from floor to ceiling with a one inch brush.

If you were artistic or angsty as a teenager (and who wasn't?) chances are you used your bedroom as your canvas. One of my best friends from adolescence turned magazines into wallpaper that plastered her entire room with mostly images of celebrities from the 90s. My teenage bedroom had dark purple walls. Blocking out patches of purple were posters of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison as well as pictures of the Eiffel Tower and anything else visually French enough to satisfy my teenage francophile. There were also some drawings and collages thrown into the mix, including a collage that had a lock of my friend's blond curls (she cut her hair short before moving to Burkina Faso and some of her friends each took a piece).

Teenage Bedroom does not make me want to be a teenager again, but it does certainly make me appreciate the bedroom decor that results from such an awkward period of life.

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