Before leaving Mumbai I finally made the trip over to Elephanta. On the ferry ride I was chatting with a few fellow North Americans who were curious about my two months in the city. They asked me if I had been shopping. Had I bought any souvenirs? Any scarves? Pashmina scarves? "No," I said, "but I have bought plenty of tea, flour, ginger drops and spices."

If eating is one of the best parts about traveling, then surely edible souvenirs are the best trinkets to fill one's suitcase with?

A few (edible) souvenirs from India

Cardamom, Spirulina, Stevia, Green pepper, Vanilla, Ragi flour, Roasted Amaranth, Masala tea, Cardamom tea, Ginger and lemongrass tea, black tea, Tulsi (holy basil) tea, nutmeg, ginger drops, and a few small, goodie bags of spices

I have a month and a half in this country - a country where I find it difficult to not clear my plate no matter how much food may be on it - so certainly this list will continue to grow.

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