a week or two of breakfast

I am currently working on writing my Master's thesis (or at least reading for hours and hours each day in anticipation of writing it). Although it takes a lot effort for me to resist the temptation of wearing leggings and the same grey sweatshirt "dress" everyday, I have no problem whatsoever cooking up something delicious (and usually different) for breakfast each morning. I guess that we all have our own priorities.

Here is to a delicious week!

A week or two of breakfast

buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup (duh)

a soft-boiled egg with wild smoked salmon, sliced avocado, pecorino nero and a bun

a fried egg on quinoa with herbs and olive oil, and salsa on the side

french toast made with leftovers of Malin's apricot, fig and hazelnut bread and fried in oil instead of butter as recommended by Molly Wizenberg

a piece of cranberry and pear tart

leftover birthday cake (carrot cake with a blood-orange cream-cheese dressing)

brown basmati rice with dried cranberries, chopped almonds and maple syrup

raspberry and almond smoothie

lots and lots of homemade yogurt


Thea vintage  – (March 8, 2012 at 11:35 AM)  

Beautiful pics. Like yhat little eggcup of yours and the mug. Great patterns!

ashley  – (March 9, 2012 at 1:44 AM)  

um, yum! the smoked salmon with avocado sounds perfect. i'm a sucker for savory breakfasts...

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