postcards from toronto

Toronto has not been my home for a long time, but it is still my Heimat.

For anyone who starts to learn German at first sight the language resembles a beast. It is a beast with multiple heads that demands that one always thinks very hard and very seriously about what one is about to say. A simple sentence becomes a riddle due to the four German cases and a very specific way of ordering words. Conjugated verbs sometimes end sentences and at first a native English speaker might see such a verb as misplaced in the sentence. Verbs also often appear before any mention of a person. At first is is complicated, but after a while (or a few years) of memorizing verb forms and plural endings it turns out that the language isn't a beast at all. It is just incredibly specific. It has many words that are foreign to English and Heimat is one of them.

It has been eight years since I have lived in Toronto, but that does not make it any less my Heimat

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