breakfast: the canadian edition

Before autumn's pears and apples make me forget all about summer's peaches and corn, I want to look back. I want to remember how hot Georgian Bay's waters were this year and how it felt to jump off the dock. I want to remember the smell of the barbecue in my parent's backyard as I waited for it to heat up so I could throw on some scallops and scapes. I want to remember how my ears felt during the three weeks I was in Canada; there was English everywhere. I want to remember how my hometown smells, what it sounds like and how it tastes. 

I also want to remember how I started my days. For three weeks I ate in backyards or on docks. I visited favourite haunts (such as Saving Grace, Lady Marmalade and Aunties and Uncles) and I tried new places (such as Hammersmith's and a My New Roots cooking class) in the city. 

I almost always ate outside. I shared meals with my grandparents and my aunt, with my parents and my uncle, with my sister and with my friends. I shared breakfast with the Globe and Mail newspaper. It all felt so comfortable. It all tasted so good. 

breakfast: the Canadian edition 

peaches, wild blueberries and hazelnuts

grilled mini portobello mushroom with a poached egg and feta cheese, freshly squeezed orange juice

quinoa, wild blueberries and maple syrup

breakfast tacos (with scrambled eggs, pinto beans, homemade chorizo and Canadian cheddar) at Aunties and Uncles  

lots of freshly squeezed orange juice (my grandfather, freshly squeezed orange juice's biggest fan, got me hooked) 

Vietnamese iced coffee at Saving Grace

peach and kale smoothie 

baked pepita and blackberry oatmeal - I was very lucky and got to test this recipe for the upcoming Green Kitchen Stories cookbook. If the rest of the book is as good as this one breakfast recipe (which I'm sure it will be), watch out as your life is going to get a lot more delicious. So good. I didn't think that I could love blackberries even more than I do, but I just might because of this recipe. 

broccolini, wild mushrooms and a poached egg

* * * *

I jumped on the bandwagon and am now on Instagram. Look for Sasha Gora. There is more breakfast goodness over there to be found.

leaf (the indolent cook)  – (September 9, 2012 at 11:34 AM)  

Those are very excellent breakfasts indeed... a celebration of simple, wholesome flavours that just work so well together.

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