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An old roommate and a good friend opened up a Korean stationary store - Hanji - in Toronto nearly a year ago with her husband. Traditional Korean paper is made from mulberry and Hanji means the paper of Korea. I finally had a chance to visit when I was in Toronto this summer and I was beyond excited to see her and her new shop. 

As a very crafty/nerdy child I knew how to make paper from recycled paper scraps and how to make prints with potatoes and sponges. In other words, I am the ideal customer for shops selling handmade stationary. In addition to handmade paper, books and gifts, they have some pretty charming postcards. I am tempted to turn the Kimchi postcard into wallpaper and plaster my kitchen with it. I like it that much.

Jessica  – (September 21, 2012 at 9:14 PM)  

This store is a block away from my new house! I was admiring it the other day.

- Jessica

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