postcards from venice

When I lived in Berlin my favourite place to buy postcards was from a shoemaker around the corner from my apartment. I've mentioned it before. Both the shoemaker and his small dog that kept him company had uncombed hair and looked as if they had a plethora of stories to tell.

Two weeks in Venice and I have found a bookstore around the corner from my apartment - Alta Acqua Libreria - where a man with a similar spirit works. Although he does not make his own postcards (that shoemaker in Berlin truly set the bar high), he makes up for it with stories. Regarding the postcard of the Pink Floyd concert in Piazza San Marco in Venice in 1989, of course he was there. And regarding that postcard of a flood Piazza San Marco, well rumor has it that tomorrow's rains will cause a similar sight. 

Sometimes I am more interested in the stories of the people who sell me postcards that merely which cities those postcards are from.

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