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The first issue of Honest Cooking Magazine is out today!
Unlike the Honest Cooking website, the magazine does not feature recipes. Instead it embraces the geekier side of food and drink and it celebrates all of the stories that come with great ingredients and memorable meals.

The first issue is crammed with intriguing tales about dim sum marathons, North Korean propaganda restaurants, rockstar wine growers, monkey ass coffee (seriously), a French culinary revolution, former gang members, and the unsung heroes of professional kitchens. 
I'm pretty ecstatic to not only be part of the team over at the Honest Cooking website, but to also be a contributor to the debut issue of the magazine. While I was in Venice this fall, I tackled my on-the-fence-attitude about truffles. Incomparable, edible gems, or wrinkly, overpriced fungus? Northern Italy proved to be a convenient location for such reflection and you can read about my experience truffle hunting, purchasing truffles and, of course, eating them in "The Black and White World of Truffles". 
Download the Honest Cooking Magazine for free here

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