postcards from munich IV

When you live in a city, it is easy to forget to see it from those blissed-out-tourist-eyes with which you first arrived. You see your ever day life, the ordinary, as opposed to those small things that make one city different from the next, the extraordinary. I find that postcards help to rekindle some of that bliss and these ones from Munich never fail to make me find the city I live in a little funnier and a little more handsome than usual. 

The postcards above are also from Munich; however, they have less to do with the city as such and more to do with one particular art project in it. These postcards are a part of an art project by Munich based artist Kirsten Kleie. She has gathered a collection of postcards that she has stumbled upon randomly and has then photographed them elsewhere and made these photographs back into postcards. The ones she makes she then distributes randomly, with a return address on the back, with the hopes that they will find a homecoming of sorts by either finding their old home or by being welcomed into a new one. I now have a few keeping my bookshelf company. 

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