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A couple weekends back, I finally made my way to Cologne for the first time. In addition to being a city with a mighty cathedral and excellent burgers, it is in the middle of what is arguably the German heartland, the Rhine. In this region it is just a hop, skip and a jump from one city to the next, thus making it impossible to resist the drive when you know that there is a Christo exhibition just an hour away at the Gasometer in the very industrial Oberhausen. 

Although I still have much more to see and to do in Cologne, it is always good to have an excuse to go back. The same simply cannot be said about temporary art exhibitions.

There is much debate about the relationship between an artwork and its documentation. Sometimes the documentation is the artwork; whereas, other times it merely refers to the artwork without being the artwork itself. Certain works lend themselves better to documentation and others have little to do with how they are documented. The work of Christo and the late Jeanne-Claude falls into the latter category. I might have bought postcards of some of their previous projects in Oberhausen, but after having seen Big Air Package from outside, inside and above I can say with great conviction that a beautiful sketch on a postcard has little resemblance to their work. A postcard is about how something looks; whereas, one of their installations is very much about how something feels. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to feel one of their artworks and not just see and hear about it. 

It has been a while since I've posted about postcards, but I'm sure to be buying them like mad the next little while. Tomorrow I'm off to South Korea for a month and a half of discussing contemporary art, getting lost in Seoul, hanging around stationary shops, hiking mountains and, of course, eating kimchi. I have a few more recipes to share from what's been going on in my kitchen (and on my balcony) this July, so expect some recipes thrown in alongside postcards and snippets of Korea the next little while.

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