postcards from Seoul II

Both a bad case of jet-lag and myself have made it back to Munich. The sky here fluctuates between a shade of gold, one that only appears once the leaves begin to fall and a very serious grey, one that warns of the season that is to come. Summer is over. And so is my love affair with Seoul and the country that it proudly is the capital of.

Luckily, jet-lag isn't the only thing that has accompanied me back to Munich. My suitcase is full of postcards and zines, green tea and soju, sea salt and gochujang. Yes, I have many stories to share, but for now I'll share postcards. The postcards of plants are from Oval, the messy ones on the top and bottom are from Millimeter Milligram and the llama in the middle is from one of the many cute shops in Hongdae. Seoul is a pretty easy city to want to return to. 

I got to know Seoul in the midsummer heat, when many of its residents wear hot-pants and carry an iced coffee in hand. I was charmed regardless of how sweaty and sticky the city and myself were. I can only imagine how much I'd like it in the fall.

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