suitcases that smuggle food: the korea edition

I'm drinking red wine and wearing wool socks, sure signs that there is no more denying what season it is. Summer didn't put up much of a fight this year. She surrendered quickly to fall. But I don't mind because this season is the one that I've always been most smitten with. Blame it on the plump figs, soft scarves, and the sound that leaves make when scrunched under a pair of Chelsea boots.

The change in seasons makes my time in Korea feel like so long ago. Truth is that it hasn't even been two weeks, but if you measure in seasons instead of days, then a whole season has ended and another one has begun. I'm stilling absorbing all the chiles I saw and ate. I'm still adjusting to not having kimchi on the table at every meal. I even miss K-pop.  

Before my images of Korea are smudged by the passing of time (read: before I partake in three weeks of Oktoberfest festivities), I want to put these experiences to words, but for now let's talk souvenirs. As you know, edible souvenirs are the best souvenirs and here is a glimpse of what I packed in my suitcase.

 Souvenirs from South Korea

sea salt from Jeungdo Island (more on that to come), soju, dried jujubes (the Korean date, pictured scattered on the table, semi-dried and in a bag, very dried), gosiball (in the white box, flavours included strawberry, kumquat, grape, bean, cactus and black rice), green tea powder, lotus root chips, Asian pear chips, green tea with brown rice, dried anchovies, dried ginseng and spices for ginseng chicken soup, honey made on a rooftop in Gwangju, gochujang, and dried mushrooms

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