the politics and pleasures of food at professional passionates

Every few weeks I'll be writing an article over at Professional Passionates. Both a foundation and an agency, PP celebrates and connects "professionals that make the world a better place from the job they are in." Inspire, connect, change. This is the philosophy of Professional Passionates, and one that I can get down with. In other words, I'm happy to be on board. 
I will be contributing to their blog and, no surprise here, I'll be writing about food. My focus is the folks that make food taste so good and, by doing so, make the world a more sustainable place one bite at a time. Expect articles about rock star farmers and chefs, urban farming, innovative restaurants, food history, the slow food movement, classic cookbooks, street food, and where food and art overlap. The latter describes my first article which is about a current contemporary art exhibition in Leipzig: The Politics and Pleasures of Food. You can read it here

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