edible souvenirs: the georgia edition

I was a tease. A month ago I bragged about all of the feasting that I was going to do in Georgia. If you're wondering what that feasting included, I promise some details soon, but first let's talk about what food experiences I was able to pack in my suitcase.

Souvenirs from the Republic of Georgia

coarse white cornmeal for making gomi (similar to polenta), a rainbow of light and dark beans, walnuts (since Georgian food is essentially based on walnuts), the juiciest barberries, golden raisins, dried chili, wine (including several bottles of Kisi), chacha (Georgian grappa), an unidentifiable dried fruit (the one that is looped around the wine bottles - if you know what it is called, please let me know!), Ukrainian vodka with honey and chili, khmeli-suneli (a Georgia spice mix including dried mint, bay leaf, summer savory, fenugreek, parsley, dill, basil, celery seed, coriander and marigold), honey, green tea from Batumi, and dried marigold (also known as "Imeretian saffron)

It was a full suitcase and, thus, a true culinary trip.

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