edible souvenirs: the canada edition

Just as I'm packing my suitcase to fly to Moscow, a city that I've never been to and am very eager to get to know, I realized that it was just a few weeks ago that I was unpacking my suitcase after visiting a city that I know very well.

We all know that when you travel to Italy you bring home espresso, pecorino and good olive oil. When you travel to France you pick up raw butter, creamy cheese and pastries. And, if I wasn't already living in Germany, I would bring home a loaf of dark sourdough bread, Lebkuchen and Quark. But what culinary souvenirs does one bring back from Canada, other than maple syrup of course? 

Well let's start with mustard. It might seem unnecessary and even silly to lug mustard all the way from Canada to Germany, but Kozlik's is so good that I would even risk paying (and probably pay) the overweight baggage fee for this mustard. The maple mustard is my personal favourite, but they also produce other sexy flavours, such as balsamic fig & dates, and lime and honey. This family-run, Toronto-based company has been making mustard since 1948. 

Another Toronto gem is Delight, a chocolate shop based in the Junction. Once again, it might seem counter-intuitive to bring chocolate back to Europe, but have you ever seen a Quebec blue cheese (or any blue cheese) chocolate truffle in Europe? Exactly. 

I filled the rest of my suitcase with sea salt from Vancouver Island, Raincoast Crisps - the best crackers I know, pickled fiddleheads, ginger syrup for making lots of ginger ale and, of course, more maple syrup.

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