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to climb a mountain

And just like that, five becomes six.

Hello. And happy new year! I didn't expect to be gone so long. Even if it is just to say hello, clear the cobwebs, and say sorry that is has been a while, it is nice to be back. 

I've missed writing here, posting pictures, sharing recipes and stories. They say that writing takes practice, that it is something you should do every day. I have been writing a fair bit, but most of it is serious and professional, or long, long lists. I have decided to return here as I need a place to play, to be messy, to not be horrified by my typos or run-on sentences. 

2015 was a good year. At times I was too busy to see the goodness, but I am trying to resist the cultural currency of busyness. Isn't it boring to say that you are busy? Isn't it predictable? Too busy to write. Too busy to cook. Too busy to pause.

So although I have been doing a lot and still have a lot more to do, I am trying not to be busy. Being busy requires identification and thought, work even. Instead, I am just trying to do.

Last year I climbed a few mountains, and Germany's highest was one of them. Standing at 2,962 meters, it was too overcast when I reached the top of the Zugspitze to see the view. It was only in the gondola on the way down, when we crossed the clouds, that I could see just how high I had climbed.

The funny thing about climbing mountains is it isn't too difficult. Sure, there are some mountains that are challenging, but there are many manageable ones too. Compared to the weight of the news today, climbing a mountain seems like a breeze, even when it is Germany's highest.

I guess this is to say that often the easy things, like breaking months of silence or writing every day, take the most amount of effort. The grand ones just don't compare. They are boasted by adrenaline, by the ability to say "I did it!" It is the quiet activities that often pose bigger peaks to climb. 

With that in mind, here is to a year of doing instead of just being busy. I hope to keep sharing mountains and travels, recipes and photos, run-on sentences and thoughts in this space. Thank you for joining.

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